Basement Remodeling

basement-remodelBasements can be one of the most exciting areas in any Rochester, Central NY, or Upstate NY home. For some it’s a place to gather with old friends to watch the games, while the basements of others double as recreation and playrooms, exercise and workout areas, home theaters and a seemingly endless array of additional styles and themes.

Basement Remodeling in Rochester NY-

Basements are to home remodeling professionals, what a blank canvas is to a well-trained artist. With limitations bound only by one’s budget and imagination, there are essentially no limits as to how creative you can get, when remodeling your new basement.

  • Home sports bars
  • Children’s playroom
  • Home gym or training area
  • Pool & billiards
  • Games and recreation
  • Luxurious cocktail lounge
  • Home theater & entertainment
  • Disaster preparedness

basement-remodel2While basements are typically the largest and most spacious areas of the home, it is important to give your basement remodeling project a great deal of thought, before committing to a particular design. In addition to thorough and proper planning, it is equally important to select a basement remodeling company capable of transforming every detail of your vision, into something that you, your family, and friends will enjoy for many years.

Innovative, Quality Basement Remodeling from Rochester Handyman-

Remodeling your unfinished basement has more than just the obvious benefits. Aside from completely changing the scope of your home, it’s also a wonderful way to improve resale value and attract new buyers. In many situations where it comes to down to choosing between two similar homes, the one with the fully-finished and/or themed basement frequently wins out.

As big fans of finished basements ourselves, we take these projects very personally. Part of our goal is to create a living space that will transform the way you spend time at home. The other, is to create it in a manner that is cost-effective, attractive and of the highest possible quality. Your new custom basement remodeling isn’t complete, however, until you’ve added all the finishing touches.

Accenting Your New Basement

In addition to assisting you in designing the right floor plan, we’ll work with you to ensure that not a single amenity has been overlooked. This includes walls & flooring, doors and ceiling styles, heating/cooling, custom refrigeration, water or electrical needs, trim & accents, stair balusters, vanities & cabinets, bathrooms and kitchens and everything else needed to make your basement truly your own.

Rochester Handyman has been designing and remodeling basements in Rochester and throughout Central New York  for over two decades, and can help you in creating anything your mind can dream up. Call us today for more information on custom basement renovations, or to schedule your initial consultation. 315-729-1120