Sunroom Installation

syracuse-sunroomSunroom Installation in Rochester, NY

Sunrooms are more than just any old room addition. By their very nature they create entirely new living spaces, and just as many new ways to enjoy your favorite activities. Whether you’re looking for a way to enjoy more peace and tranquility throughout your day, or simply interested in creating a space that is uniquely your own, Rochester Handyman has the expertise needed to create a truly stunning and one-of-a kind sunroom.

Exceptional Sunroom Designs

One of the reasons why so many home owners have put their faith in Syracuse Handyman is our thoroughness and dedication to every aspect of your new sunroom. This begins with an in-depth discussion and initial consultation, to determine exactly which style you’re most interested in, as well as how you intend to get the most use from it. After we complete our quality control and assurance checklist, it’s on to designing your new sunroom.

  • Traditional sunrooms
  • Greenhouses and solariums
  • Three & Four Season sunrooms
  • Custom Syracuse sunroom designs matching your homes architecture and design
  • Affordable sunrooms for most budgets
  • Built by highly-experienced master builders
  • Choose from hundreds of styles & sizes

sunrooms-syracuseChoosing the Ideal Sunroom for Your Home

For many homeowners, making the decision to add a sunroom is only half of the fun. The more pressing question is, which type of sunroom addition would be best for your home, family, and lifestyle? In addition to the well-known traditional sunroom, there are a wide variety of options available, to enhance and match the style and colors inherent to your home.

Traditional Sunroom Additions

While this commonly known style of sunroom is often referred to as a sitting room or conservatory, the characteristics remain relatively universal. Sunrooms are room additions that are fully-enclosed in glass, heated and suitable for year-round enjoyment. They’ve been used for reading rooms and home offices, to dedicated mediation retreats and conversation sanctuaries.

Greenhouse & Solarium-style Sunrooms

If there’s a green thumb in your household, albeit hobby or by trade, adding a greenhouse or solarium is a wonderful way to take your passion for plants and flowers to new heights. They are marked by ample glass and visibility, endless natural sunlight and pronounced humidity for optimal growth. Attached greenhouse additions can be designed and constructed to your exacting specifications, or we can design and build a custom greenhouse based on your needs, budget, and design preferences.

3 Season & 4 Season Rooms

Just as their name implies, these unique and ever-inviting room additions are purposefully designed and crafted to be enjoyed either year-round, or during specific times of the year. Their innovative union of characteristics from both traditional sunrooms and greenhouses, makes them uniquely-suited for those seeking an addition that is more versatile in both feature and appearance. They also serve as an excellent way to increase your home’s value and market appeal.

Rochester Handyman for Professional Sunrooms

If you’ve been harboring the idea of what a new sunroom or addition could do to your home, Rochester Handyman is here and ready to help you make it happen. Our entire staff brings unparalleled experience and skill set to every sunroom we build, and we have scores of local references and online reviews.


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